Pronouns: she/her
50 Years Old
United States, Virginia,

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I never know what anyone would really want to know. Ask anything and you'll get a direct honest answer. Otherwise...

Vaccinated: COVID, Rabies (funny story...), 

Labels: Transgender female, disabled Marine veteran, professional photographer, cat caretaker, bibliophile, etemologist, minister, paralegal, vegetarian, volunteer, entrepreneur, Deadhead (hippie punk), lefty/ambidexterous, thespian, advocate, philomath, peer, friend

Personality:: Non judgemental, accepting, curious, understanding, diplomatic, grateful, active listener, off beat humor, open, flexiible, empethetic, patient, kind, realistic, 

Health, Physical:  liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, arthritis (osteo & gout), sleep paralysis, insomnia, sleep apnea, pulmonary arterial hypertension, TIPS, gallstones, migraine, mild emphysema, anemia (iron), diabetes II, hypersexuality, tachycardia, hypertension

Health, Mental: Gender dysphoria, cPTSD, night terrors, schizoaffective bipolar, borderline personality, mild cognative impairment, general anxiety disorder, seasonal affective disorder, ADHD, 

Health, Dental: Root canal, cavities, broken teeth, wisdom teeth removed, front tooth capped

Other:: Human, clinical trial participant, switch, mistress, sub, pansexual,

Loves: Nature, games (video, board, card, mental, crossword) ,traveling, discussiions, camping, arts/culture, events, learning, laughing, exploring, driving bck roads

And always questioning reality

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  • Mistress
  • Kitten
  • 24/7
  • She/Her

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