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104 Years Old
United States, Florida, Orlando

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Luxa Strata is a sex magician, creator, and host of the Lux Occult podcast: a show about the intersections between Magic, Art, Philosophy, and Science as viewed through the lens of a Chaos Magic. Luxa is the lead-organizer of The Green Mushroom hypho-sigil project: a large-scale, ongoing group magical working focused on building connections, fostering creativity, and empowering individuals to become more agentic through the use of magic and esoteric technology. She has released two musical albums of ritually produced aural erotica and sigilized design, recently beginning work on a new, adjacent project. Luxa’s personal practice focuses on philosophical inquiry, self exploration, and remediation. It also focuses on enriching everyday life with praxis involving food, trance, eroticism, sound, dance, visual art, and fostering curiosity.

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