Lady Katerina

Pronouns: She/they/him - two spirit
41 Years Old
United States, Indiana, Evansville

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Nicknamed Sadistic Bitch (an honorific given in 2014 after I beat a boy), Lady Katerina is a queer poly indigenous Femme Dom Leather Woman; and Mistress of the Haus of Phoenix. Her vices are coffee, cigars, intelligent conversation, and electrifying situations. Whether dripping wax between her fingers, cutting through the BS with her knives, and being served in preparation of my cigars and serving as my ashtray, she lives on the cutting edge where as kinky bibliophile and historian  she is every Library patrons wet dream.

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Lady Katerina

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I identify as:

  • She/Her
  • He/Him
  • Master
  • They/Them

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