aspiring polyam husband

Pronouns: He/him
36 Years Old
Canada, British Columbia,

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Switchy (not into impact) enthusiast returned to pnw from transformative travels and rethinking how I live and love. Hope to build a wholesome, cuddly, and sensual polyam love. I value emotional intimacy, reciprocity, and direct communication. I❤️mermaids, oracles, and silicone fun. I play sports (for fun), adventure, and dance irl and in VR. Curious about finding loves that last a lifetime or a long time. Seeing 2 wholesome folks casually rn. No ONS. original plumbing.6'1. In therapy. Open to relocating for a polyam marriage. I am enthusiastic about nerding out around consent and how to enhance our cultural capacity for it.

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  • He/Him

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