Pronouns: he/her/they
45 Years Old
United States, California,

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I like: music (making it, listening to it, thinking about it, talking about, seeing/hearing it performed), my cat and listening to her purr, the ocean, storms that are wild enough to be exciting but don't actually harm anything, saturated colors, role-play, cuddles on the couch, loud noisy weird concerts, extreme art, quiet time, dark humor, flowers, and people who are passionate.

I am: sensitive, kind, imaginative, sensual, switchy, empathetic, more of an introvert, employed doing work I like and feel good about (and also ready for capitalism to fail and make way for something better), a former 90's goth, always curious, sometimes anxious, usually courageous, and once in a while, funny.

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  • He/Him
  • She/Her

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You're welcome to connect with me on fetlife. My profile name there is sea-switch.

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