Pronouns: She/Her He/Him
103 Years Old
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Iris “Ire” Mansur (aka Pill) is a Queer radical neurodivergent multiracial feminist activist on a constant journey to achieve his most authentic and transparent self – he/him she/her. Along the way he’s faced himself time and again, eventually coming to celebrate the raw humanity in violence, the empowerment in control, the transcendence in focus, and the overwhelming voracity that can only be evoked by upturned eyes and dirty knees. Fortunate enough to be adored by one very devoted bunny, to everyone else she is simply a loud and lascivious Leatherperson who strives to create an inclusive space within the community and form lasting bonds with other outcasts like herself. Uniquely afforded the ability to be “out” completely, she utilizes her platforms and privilege to advocate for equity, justice, and liberation.

A sadomasochistic Owner-type with a love for 24/7 Authority Transfer relationships, Ire hopes to have a future filled with presenting on topics such as mental health in power exchange, behavior modification, emotional sadism, and all things internal. He is a graduate of the Dallas Mentors Program 2013, an active NLA-Dallas member, volunteer coordinator for Beyond Vanilla 24 & 25, and a Queer youth mentor who has been in the public BDSM community for over 10 years. 

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