Cody Coyote

Pronouns: they/them
30 Years Old
United States, West Virginia,

Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

Cody Coyote (they/them) is a busy little coyote. An academic to the core, they are regarded as a young and promising educator, presenting for Queer Leather Association Sacramento (QLAS), The Ravyns Nest, Pragmatically Kinking, FLAME, and THRIVE on topics including mental health, gender and sexuality, literature, and legacy. They currently pursue their PhD, and their research interests include kink/BDSM/Leather literature, British and Irish Romanticism, queer theory, and cognitive narratology. When not in the bottom of a coffee mug or tucked away behind an overwhelming pile of books and papers to grade, you’ll find them moderating at Pragmatically Kinking and volunteering at the next online conference. 

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cody coyote (they/them)

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I identify as:

  • coyote
  • They/Them

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Twitter: @leatherfutch

Fetlife: @CodyCoyote

TikTok: @howlcoyotecody



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Venmo: @howlcoyotecody

CashApp: $howlcoyotecody


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