Cody Coyote

Pronouns: they/them
30 Years Old
United States, West Virginia,

Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

Cody Coyote (they/them) is trans and non-binary, a sensuous yet mischievous little coyote with a penchant for leather, needles, and sacred sexuality - among other things. Despite being relatively new and active in the kink, BDSM, and leather scenes, they hit the ground running after discovering and subsequently joining the Queer Leather Association Sacramento in mid-2018. They value the role of a community dedicated to the nurturing and growth of all of its members and siblings in leather, and Cody managed to find that through QLAS. They also discovered their penchant for service through leather care and bootblacking by way of Sac Area Bootlab and Cigar Social and participated at every monthly get-together, eager to share space and learn new things.

Cody's service extends from volunteering for Northwest Leather Celebration in 2019, participating as a bootblack at 2019 Folsom Street Fair's Playground, and in serving as QLAS's Theirstorian (a non-binary historian). Since COVID, they turned their attention to integrating their calling to educate with their passion for mental health, literature, kink, BDSM, and leather, and began to create classes and discussions on topics they would like to see. Since starting their PhD and moving to West Virginia, however, they've taken a step back to best meet their needs and assess their capacity. 

They have presented for The Ravyns Nest, Pragmatically Kink, FLAME Conference, Desert Dominion, THRIVE Conference, The Gathering NW, and Queer Leather Association Sacramento.


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cody coyote (they/them)

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  • coyote
  • They/Them

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Twitter: @leatherfutch

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TikTok: @howlcoyotecody



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Venmo: @howlcoyotecody

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