Pronouns: She/Her
35 Years Old
United States, California,

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In romance and sex: Kinky, poly, hedonistic. I am open to all genders, ages, and body types. I am poly and am currently in several relationships. I am currently the "p" in a 24/7 O/p CNC power exchange relationship (going on seven years!).I am exploring my bootblacking and service sides. A lover once described me as a "heavily bottom leaning switch" and I think that that is pretty on the money. I am kinky AF but I also like to just fuck, make out, and cuddle. 

Health stuff: Diagnosed with c-PTSD, GAD, and MDD. My adverse childhood experience number is 9. I am in recovery for self harm. This has led me to be very interested in the intersection between kink/poly and mental health. I am also a fat person, so I am very interested in classes and panels pertaining to that. I also was diagnosed as being HSV positve in 2018, so I am interested in sexual health education and conversation around STI stigma in the communities I travel in. 

Other random things: I am a crafter, an artist, an epic road-tripper, a california native, a concert lover, an educator, a bunny owner, and a huge nerd. 


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  • Property
  • 24/7
  • She/Her

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If we connect in a class you may message me on Fet, just remind me how I know you. Fet name is Andromeda_Rising. 

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