Goddexx Symphonee

Pronouns: Yo, She Set, They set
48 Years Old
United States, Maryland,

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Goddexx Symphonee (Yo/She/They) is a Black, Bisexual, Non Binary, LeatherFemme. Since entering the scene over 9 years ago, she has sought out pleasure, pain, and liberation in the Kink/Leather communities from Baltimore and DC to beyond. Presently, she is Ms DC Eagle 2020, the creator of N.E.S.S.T, and an astrologer and initiated ATR practitioner. She currently identifies with the labels of Dominant, Sadist, Leather Auntie, and Cat.

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Goddexx Symphonee

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I identify as:

  • Dominant, Sadist, and Leather Femme
  • 24/7
  • They/Them
  • Master

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Email: mx.symphonee@protonmail.com

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