Pronouns: he/him
102 Years Old
United States, North Dakota,

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Intellectualdady is an introverted extrovert, mental health survivor, Leatherman, switch, movie buff, board game player, lover of card games, traveler of North America visiting 42 of the 50 states, Canada and Mexico so far, he has been a part of the Leather community on and off since 1989. He’s been a caregiver, bootblack, trainer, mentor, leader, he’s served his community as a consultant to the Minneapolis city council, passing out food to the homeless, connecting the homeless with resources, marching and protesting for LGBTQ rights, Marijuana legalization, teaching classes on protocol and creating content to help guide the BDSM as well as Leather community in what he feels is the right direction to take based on his experience. 

He has a passion for giving and receiving education, offering classes on topics ranging from psychology, mental health, consent, negotiation, communication, consensual nonconsent play, impact play, building contracts to leadership and building character.


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  • He/Him

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