The Rabbi

Pronouns: he/him
45 Years Old
United States, Ohio,

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Born to kink on 6/9, The Rabbi (He/Him) is a Cisgender, Ambimorous, Gynesexual, Sadistic Bratty Daddy Dom. He has been called the "Prince of the Pervertables," "The Pied Piper of Brats," and "The Carrot Top of Kink.” (The last one was a compliment, right?) He creates his own unique toys with a sadistic flair that would make the prop master on Cutthroat Kitchen jealous, including ceiling fan paddles, Lego nipple clamps, and a mop head flogger to name a few, selling them in his online store, SINagogueBDSM on Etsy (and Fetlife). The Rabbi has electrocuted people with slinkys, broken all Ten Commandments (over someone's ass), and hit people with everything he can get his hands on, including a literal kitchen sink. Currently, he's a mental health professional working on certification to be a sex therapist. The Rabbi is hoping to follow in the steps of the early psychological pioneer, William Moulton Marston, who was the creator of both D.I.S.C. Theory (Dominance/Inducement/Submission/Compliance) and Wonder Woman, the latter of which was originally intended to bring BDSM to the masses in a digestible format.

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The Rabbi

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  • He/Him

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