Pronouns: ey/em or they/them
35 Years Old
United States, New York,

Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

Though they started playing with self-hypnosis in 2006, Dragonfly / Annalise de Fere didn't find out there was an online hypnokink community until October 2020. They have been an enthusiastic, active member ever since. A panromantic nonbinary asexual, they often describe themself as "queer hipster" because "it's a pretty obscure label; you've probably never heard of it". At home, they are 24/7 Dom to their dear subsband, Squirrel. They are also the thrall who eagerly serves Sire (Memermancer on Discord).

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  • 24/7
  • They/Them
  • switch

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Dragonfly#3347 on Discord

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Service Oriented Conference

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2022-10-01 14:30:00Opening CeremonyRoom 1
(Zoom Link)
2022-10-01 19:00:00Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Serving the Chronically IllRoom 3
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