kusanagi manara

Pronouns: He/Him
37 Years Old
Netherlands, ,

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    I am a person with a deep sense of integrity and I speak with great passions about my ideals, while at times being also soft-spoken and aiming to mediate in order to keep the peace within a group. I dedicate quite some of my time, emotional availability, and mental space in striving to have a positive impact on the world and the people that surround me. I am troubled by injustice and I wish to advocate and contribute to societal change. Also, I am a person in touch with my emotions, meaning that I express my feelings openly and talk about the things that bother and/or hurt me. Within certain situations, I may tend to be a shy person, especially in a group context, but really spontaneous, silly, and sarcastic once a relationship of trust and care has been established.
    I really value kindness, empathy, and open communication. These values are involved in my professional and personal life. In my work, they are translated in my involvement within activist groups and organizations and personal concerns with social and environmental justice. In my personal life, they impact my relationships as I value honesty, transparency, and trust. Which were some of the reasons that led me into ethical non-monogamy and learning more about negotiation, consent, and aftercare within BDSM practices.
    In addition to those main traits, I am a very big dreamer with a creative mind which I have expressed through juggling, stage performances, artwork, LARP, and D&D. I enjoy travelling and have lived in several European countries in the past few years, before settling down for a while in Amsterdam. I would like in the future to refurbish a caravan and travel through Europe. Additionally, in terms of physical activities, I enjoy bouldering, indoor climbing, and hiking/cycling long distance. Despite that recently I have been only training at the gym, doing strength and interval training.

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Kusanagi M.

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  • Sadist

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