Pronouns: He / Him
33 Years Old
United States, New Jersey,

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I am passionate about power exchange and I would say that it is my main driver and calling within our community. I love attending classes, workshops, and conferences both locally and accross the country (and virtually now too). Some of highest priority goals for the next few years are to get more involved in volunteering at events focused around power exchange and to begin passing on my knowledge / experiences through classes or workshops. I like to be what I call 'a soft place to land' for those that are new to M/s, D/s, and power exchange in general; so please don't be shy, use me as a resource!


My Power Exchange

I really value providing structure and support in my dynamics. I think there's something truly freeing about intimately knowing what is expected of you in most situations / contexts as well as knowing what you can expect from your partner.

I believe in protocols and rituals that add value. I strive for authenticity and will not incorporate things that do not in some way benefit myself, my partner, or the dynamic.

I believe in measured, fair, and proportional discipline. I am aware that accidents happen and I do believe that intent should shape the severity of consequences.

I hold communication and honesty with paramount importance and I would expect for them to flow both ways.

A yard stick that I use to measure my success as a Master is the growth of my partner. I strive to have people under my influence thrive and I actively support my partner as they reach for goals, pursue dreams, and as they grow in their service to me.

I do not believe that sex and romance need to be part of a dynamic in general and I am happy to have dynamics without them. However, for a primary dynamic, these things would be desired.

I have very strong Provider and Protector drives as well and they color how I care for my partners.

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