Pronouns: They/them
29 Years Old
United States, Kansas,

Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

I am:

* Pagan

* An Empath

* A Sociologist

* A huge nerd

* A pitbull mom to my baby beefcake (yes, I will always be his mama. That’s how he knows me)

* A spoonie (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Spondylolisthesis, Chron's Disease)

* Mental Health advocate and frequent struggle bus passenger (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Neurodivergent)

* Nonbinary, mostly female presenting (they/them pronouns)

* Pansexual & Demisexual

* Polyamorous/Relationship Anarchy/Kitchen Table/Lap Sitting

* A Princexx - to me, this means I am a dominant little who gets what they want (little Dom/baby Dom)

I am not:

* Your sub or little

* Your Dom(me) or Master

* A fantasy vending machine

* Going to put up with your bullshit

* Actively dating. Gotta be pretty special to catch my attention.

Kink and Relationships

I'm in a relationship with my husband, Rekkr, in which I'm the handler and little to his puppy and Daddy sides. I swing more heavily to the dominant side, but am little (brat/Princexx) and sometimes even get a little subby with the right seduction. 

We are polyamorous and attempt to date separately but we do sometimes happen to find someone who likes us both and wants to be with each of us.

In the Kink Community

In August 2021, my husband, Rekkr, and I started an educational kink podcast called The Kinky Tavern. Every Sunday at 4pm approximately, you can join EmDizzy and Pup_Merlin_Rekkr on Spotify. We will cover several aspects of the BDSM community, kink, leather, and much more! We sometimes bring on guests in order to bring the experiences of the Community to the Community and those curious about it. 


I enjoy a laundry list of dominant activities with more I'd like to explore. I am also a demisexual, which to me means that I require a connection with somebody before I play or have sex with them. I like my relationships to determine my dynamics rather than vice-versa. I prefer meeting new people either at events or even just for coffee.


I am especially interested in finding a submissive who I am compatible with and is interested in being trained for anticipatory service. "What is anticipatory service?" one might ask. Well, anticipatory service, to me, is a journey. Nobody can meet a person and the next day be serving them with no direction. It takes someone who enjoys serving and takes reward in that. Someone who is willing to go through the training and eventually learn to complete tasks without being asked, associating my pleasure and comfort as their own.

Of course, this type of service is not the only thing I'm open to in the least! I don't bite unless you consent (or if you're married to me…sorry not sorry Rekkr) and I'm open to inquiries. But, it does take a very special connection for me to consider adding a new relationship to my already complicated life.

Side Note

With my chronic illnesses and pain progressing currently (I say it this way because I am hoping we turn a corner on this before long) I don't have much energy to give. If I come across rude or apathetic, don't assume I truly am. It could be that my pain is just being louder than everything else at that moment. It could be I'm focusing on giving my energy to one of my friends or partners or that I am recharging. Please give me a chance to show you who is still here under the pain and fatigue

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TheKinky Tavern

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I identify as:

  • Princexx
  • They/Them

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