Pronouns: He/Him/His
38 Years Old
India, West Bengal,

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I realized around 2008 that I am polyamorous (actually got to know the term much later), was in a hierarchical poly relationship for 13 years, and am currently exploring solo-poly and learning about relationship anarchy. Would love to have conversations and mentorships regarding this. I do respect monoamory but that is not my cup of tea.
My interest in kink was majorly from the art side of things - especially shibari, but have become more and more intrigued in the hand-in-hand walk of kink and mental health.

I love focusing on technique and utilization of various tools, toys, and tech in sessions, with continuous and extensive communication regarding consent. Present hard limits are permanent scarring, scat, and extreme consensual non-consent (I might be ok with light play - to be decided upon communication).

In vanilla life, I like to play music and jam with other musicians. I also dabble in sketching once in a blue moon. And maybe some other thing as fancied by my neurodivergent brain.

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  • Rigger-Top, Hedonist
  • Primal
  • He/Him

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Fetlife: RaijinDorama

Insta: @ra_ij_in

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