Mx Jade

Pronouns: She/They
38 Years Old
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Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

Mx Jade (She/They),  is a Pansexual, Poly, Primal GoddeXXX/ Daddi who's also a middle. Though Femme leaning, this SeductreXXX is most definitely a gender-bender. As a cultivator of safer spaces for Affirming touch her background in clinical Massage Therapy and caregiving nature makes her a well rounded Aftercare surrogate. Mx Jade has been on her BDSM/Kink journey personally since 2012 and active in community since 2017. As a Black Queer Dominate and member of BFD she looks forward to showing up in ways that increases visibility, education and respect for the intersections within the Kink/BDSM community.

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Mx Jade (She/They)

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I identify as:

  • Daddi/VixXXen
  • They/Them
  • She/Her
  • Primal

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