Pronouns: she/her
26 Years Old
United States, Washington,

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Hey, I'm Red! I'm a 25 y/o submissive relatively new to the scene. I've been interested in kink from a young age and am enjoying learning in my aduly life. Currently I am exploring the path of M/s and other heavy power exchange related relationships by involving myself with MAsT, attending conferences like these, talking to likeminded individuals, and reading books recommended to me by a friend in the lifestyle. I have a Dominant I am considering to be my Master/Owner though we both have a lot of learning to do before we officially step into those 24/7 roles.

Beyond kink I am a Mechanical Engineer, a robotics enthusiast, an artist, a gamer, and a scholar. In my free time you can find me discussing topics from the ridiculous of Dumbledore shitting his pants to the serious of the ethics of sex robots and how feasible the technology is.

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  • She/Her
  • 24/7

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