slave xiaoyi

Pronouns: She/her
104 Years Old
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xiaoyi is a slaveheart and bootblack at large. She is a teacher, coach, and speaker on topics including self-improvement for a more fulfilling life, gender, living with invisible illnesses, sexual identities, and BDSM. She is poly, pansexual, omni-sensual, Leather, and queer. She is most fulfilled in a 24/7 TPE style relationship. She loves leather, costuming, pain, and protocols. She flags orange and Leather Worship. She is the Southwest Bootblack 2016. And has been teaching since 2012

xiaoyi's mission is to help create understanding and acceptance among people for each to learn and grow and be as they are. She works to do this through education and demystification. She serves her community before herself. She is a coach and speaker who openly shares her journey in hopes that she might help others who face similar challenges.

Seldom shy or at a loss for words, xiaoyi enjoys deep philosophical, spiritual, and religious discussions. She does not retreat from difficult topics or hesitate to admit she doesn't know something. She is often working at events, but when she has a spare moment to follow her passions, she will most often be found in her dress or stripped down, caring for someone's leather. She has no problems switching between elegant hedonist and bootblack because, for her, blacking is hedonistic.

Her favorite color is rainbow and her favorite flower is tulips. She has a wry sense of humor and red hair. When asked if the curtains match the drapes. she will gladly tell you "I installed hardwood."

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