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Sir Luke and His victor

(Sir Luke (He/Him) and His victor (he/him))

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Sir Luke and His victor believe that relational alignment and empowerment begins with transformation of ourselves, intense and intricate shadow work, and radical self acceptance. As educators, their content centers edge forms of intentionally power imbalanced relationships, LBTQIA+ politics, accessibility, neurodivergence and mental health, and community care. They have reached diverse groups of folks across the globe through in-person, online, and synchronous presentations, panel participation, and mentorship.

Their dynamic is flavored with notes of consensual nonconsent, an extra dash of depravity, and an entire load of defilement. Through manifestation and magick work, they engage in a sacred exchange of will and surrender, combining Leathersex and bloodlust, intentional structure and discipline, and shared personal truth. Living on the edge and peering into the depths of the beyond opened the doors to empowerment and shared personal truth.

Sir Luke (He/Him/His) is a Master, Sadist, Daddy, and modern day vampire. He is also a queer, trans, and Jewish revolutionary who advocates for accountability, conscious wielding of power, and authentic expression of self. As a second-generation Leatherman, he emulates a fusion of tradition and rebellion, continuing the rich inherited Leather history through his activist work in the community. He serves as a mentor, guide, and confidant to folks on either side of the slash, focusing on redefining success and creating a path to self actualization.

victor (he/him/his) is a devoted slave who has chosen a life of surrender beneath the sacred space under Master Luke’s boot. he has a wealth of expertise and skills across many disciplines: everything from folding a fitted sheet or fixing a clogged drain, to more elegant skills like dancing and creating fine art. victor finds peace in being a useful, adaptable servant, and he has had the opportunity to educate countless folks regarding the radicalized embrace of empowered slavery, neurodivergence, and edge living.


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Who will be presenting:

Codependency isn’t the Monster

Class Description

Our society has been gifted with the following mantras: be independent, be self-reliant, trust no one, learn to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. But what if you aren’t someone who can do things on your own? What if you don’t want to? And what if independence is actually a trauma response and a form of masking, used to deliberately push others away? Join Sir Luke and His victor as they traverse this riveting topic, covering what codependency actually looks like in all its form, how it is used in a relationship built structurally with power and authority imbalance, and why codependency isn’t the monster everyone makes it out to be (but something else is).