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Sir Luke and His victor

(Sir Luke (He/Him) and His victor (he/him))

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Sir Luke and His victor manifest a sacred exchange of will and surrender as Master and slave, combining Leathersex and bloodlust, intentional structure and discipline, and shared personal truth. Their dynamic is flavored with notes of consensual nonconsent, depravity, and defilement. They live on the edge to uncover hidden purpose and empowerment, undeniably conquering fear and hesitation.

Sir Luke and His victor are Southeast Master/slave 2019/20/21 and Florida Power Exchange 2016/2017. They have presented internationally on the healing aspects of authority-based dynamics and advocate for pulling back the veil. When they're not doing work in the community, they enjoy their home sanctuary, where victor can sit at Sir Luke's feet in their dungeon and they can simply exist as Master and slave.

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  • Fetlife: MisterBBWolf & _victor
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Who will be presenting:

Creating an Experience

Class Description

Participate in an exploration of creating sacred space, practicing mindfulness, and infusing elevated service into divergence from the every day. We will discuss considerations for captivating the senses and ways to walk the edge between wanting more and being satisfied. At the end of the class, we will demonstrate how intentional experiences can enhance desire, passion, and joy in service. 

Overcoming Mental Illness in a Master/slave Dynamic

Class Description

Mental illness is the secret we hide in the closet; it has become the hush-hush of the Leather and kink community. Phrases like, "Don't put your dick in crazy," "Safe, sane, consensual," are all well-meaning but overshadowed by stigma. When we isolate and shun our community members as unsafe because of their diagnoses, we deny them sexual and spiritual liberation. Those living at the intersection of power dynamics and mental illness live with a unique set of barriers. From maintaining consistency to creating rituals that alleviate symptoms, the vastness of techniques can feel overwhelming in an already turbulent time. Our goal is to guide you through the process. We will discuss the transition to living with mental illness, the struggles of recovery, and the toolbox we use to maintain a positive, thriving power dynamic even with mental illness.

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Real Talk: Conversations About Mental Health and PE/AT Relationships

Discussion Description

(This time slot will be utilized for peer discussion, guidance, and learning.)

Let's take time to discuss the details and nuances we face as folks who are both in PE/AT dynamics as well as living alongside mental illness. This is not a class, nor is it a panel discussion. We will engage in a free-flow discussion regarding the heavy truths and joyful realities, as well as discovering ways to better our relationships together. There is no obligation to actively discuss, but diverse and varied input is beneficial to everyone joining the session. Bring both an open mind, a willingness to be vulnerable, and questions you need answered by peers who are facing the same (or similar) situations.

Moderating and guiding the discussion will be Sir Luke and His slave, victor, who have taught their class, "Overcoming Mental Illness in a Master/slave dynamic," for over five years, across (and outside of) the US.