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Deb, aka Ms Petal, a Leather M/s Top, has been on the Leather scene since about 2006 when she first joined Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) Metro NY. A bit of a Leather Bear, she has been the Street Fair Coordinator for Urban Bear Weekend (Produced by The Urban Bear, NYC) since 2009. She is the past Director of MAsT Metro NY, having served on the Board of Directors for four years. Deb is a founding "mother" of ONYX Pearls, NE, and past Co-Coordinator of New York Leather weekend, 2007-09. She is also past board member of East Coast Leather Town Hall and past member of Le Cercle des Dommes (On Hiatus) an educational and support group for female dominants and masters.

Deb is a singer of spiritual and gospel music, an occasional writer of Leather erotic fiction and blogs on issues concerning chronic Depression. She is also a science and history geek.

Who will be presenting:

Depression on the Scene

Class Description

More than 264 million people worldwide are living with depression, according to the World Health Organization. Approximately 17.3 million adults in the US have been affected by major depression. Depression can lead to suicide. 2/3 of the reported 30,000 suicide deaths each year are caused by depression. If these facts aren't "depressing" enough, it's also a fact that 2 out of 3 people with depression either do not seek treatment or don't receive proper care. As kinky, Leather, D/s and M/s people, many of us are living with depression. How do we seek out and obtain good mental health care? How do we practice good self-care? How do we communicate our needs to friends, partners and other intimates? How do we stay connected on the scene? Let's join together in a safe space and explore these questions together.


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