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girl Calyco is a queer little service-oriented exhibitionist and all-around sex nerd residing in Everett, WA. She is owned & kept by her Daddy Treyson, and together they live as a triad with her vanilla-swirl husband Derek (plus a few cats & rats). Leather found Calyco in 2011 and she immediately began her life of volunteering, demo bottoming, and organizing for the community! She spent five exciting years serving on the Board of SouthEast LeatherFest before moving from Florida to Washington in 2017.

Presently, girl Calyco is the Weekend Fun Coordinator of Leather Reign, the Secretary of MAsT: Everett, and the Registration girl for Stone Soup Camping. Passionate about education and community support, she can frequently be found moderating, presenting, and coordinating both virtual and in-person events. Much of Calyco's time has lately been spent re-reading the extended Dark Tower series, baking tasty desserts, and patching together another t-shirt quilt she doesn't need.


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Who will be presenting:

Autistic Leather

Class Description

So what is it like to be autistic and Leather? girl Calyco will speak from her lived experience about kinky special interests, neurodivergent conflict resolution in M/s, and navigating social situations in the community. She will also share a few lifehacks that have enabled her (and the autistic Owner she serves) to thrive in this lifestyle. Bring your curiosity, anecdotes, and stim toys to this session!