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Calliope is a queer non-binary Leatherboy, proud to be owned by their Daddy of six years. They have been an active member of the BDSM community for a decade. Calliope found their home in Leather and M/s, diving into power exchange and bootblacking. As part of their desire to pass on their knowledge, Calliope teaches classes in and run a blog, Queer Courtesan.

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Power Exchange Strategies for ADHD

Class Description

So you have ADHD! Congrats! Now how do you work with it and keep your dynamic running smoothly? Come learn some strategies that you can implement to make your life easier and better. ADHD and power exchange can coexist and even thrive together. Designed for long-term power dynamics, this class is about practical hands-on strategies that we've developed together to keep things flowing smoothly.