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Calliope (they/them) is a queer Leatherboy and courtesan to their Daddy of six years. They are a writer and teacher with over a decade experience in the scene. They run Queer Courtesan, a kink blog dedicated to sharing their experiences and knowledge about BDSM. Calliope is active in their local community and loves supporting folks new to the scene, especially other submissives.


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Conquer Your Goals: ADHD and Power Exchange

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It can feel impossible to meet your goals when you have ADHD. It's challenging to stay on course between distractions, hyperfocus, loss of interest, and more. What if you could healthily use power exchange to help you meet your goals? What if you could leverage the motivation and pleasure you get from power exchange to meet your goals? Let's explore some methods and strategies to keep you on track. This class focuses on practical hands-on strategies for both sides of the slash that you can take home and apply right away.