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Lauchie Murdoch


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Lauchie Murdoch is a queer, neurodivergent sexologist who is certified as a somatic sex educator and sexological bodyworker. In his private practice he offers sex and masturbation coaching, as well as bodywork which includes pleasure mapping, de-armouring, erotic massage and trauma informed BDSM. Lauchie works with clients virtually and in person in Victoria, BC and Toronto, ON. He has a background in adult education and teaches workshops about sexuality, trauma and creative adaptivity.

Lauchie also provides professional mentorship to psychotherapists, and supervision to somatic sex educators and other body based professionals, as appointed by The Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education. In kink and leather communities he is a Dominant leather boy and a community oriented service dog. In his spare time he likes to write kinky erotica and play in big bodies of water.

You can book a free consultation with Lauchie through his website

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Who will be presenting:

Creative, Kinky Adaptation

Class Description

Want to feel like a sexy engineer? If there’s one thing I know for sure about both kinksters and neurodivergent folks it’s that we are infinitely resourceful.


We will explore adapting toys and play practices to be more accessible, physically and mentally. We’ll celebrate our superpowers when it comes to pleasure.


Things like reframing assistive technology from a barrier into a medical play scene. Could be pretty hot, right?! Sometimes our symptoms can feel like a roadblock. Trust me - I’ve been there. Creativity with our approach opens up endless avenues.

Focused on collaboration, we’ll adapt this session to the participation from attendees, so bring your stories and brainstorm sexy solutions with us.

Have you already had to tweak your set up to get positioning just right? Have you adapted your kink dynamic to support your unique skill sets and needs? Let’s talk about it! This is an excellent opportunity to learn from community.