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Meredith is a deaf, neurodivergent, service-oriented submissive in an Owner/property dynamic. She is a regular teacher of introductory kink classes in the Washington DC area and also teaches bottoming skills classes.


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Meredith is new to believing her work in the kink community deserves compensation, but she made a new CashApp account just for THRIVE ($EtoileDC).  
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Defeat the Weasels: Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and D/s

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Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria is a little-understood aspect of ADHD that frequently co-occurs with anxiety. For submissives in relationships where behavior correction may be part of daily life, the extreme emotional responses prompted by RSD can be even worse pain than a physical punishment. For Dominants with RSD, the roller coaster ride of negative thoughts can damage self-confidence and the trust that is essential to safe play. Finding ways to listen to your partner instead of your brain weasels is a great reward personally and within the dynamic.