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Ms Kora Acebear


Profile Details

Kora Acebear is a Aromantic Asexual Trans Woman who has been in the Leather and BDSM lifestyle since 2016, volunteering for a few years as a Dungeon Monitor, and has presented on BDSM, Wax Play, Aftercare, and on being a kink poly Aromantic Asexual. She is currently Ms Wisconsin Leather Pride 2023 and is a huge proponent of community, vulnerability, therapy, and karaoke. Kora was diagnosed in 2018 with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Who will be presenting:

Living an Enriched Kink Life with Borderline Personality Disorder

Class Description

The thought that our mental health keeps us from this lifestyle is an easy falsehood to believe. Borderline Personality Disorder already causes an inability to regulate emotions. Power Exchange can complicate this process even further as we tend to encounter a wider fluctuation of neurotransmitters. Come explore why Borderline won't keep us out of the dungeon and what additional implements we can bring to enrich our kink life.