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Mistress Sheba


Profile Details

Mistress Sheba is an Atlanta based dominatrix. Her interest in kink began from reading erotica that usually ended with someone getting spanked.

Since then, she’s found herself being not just a domme, but a vessel of repressed desire, a guide through the often chaotic waters of submission.

Sensual, beautiful, black, and charming, Sheba is a shining example of how beautifully multi-dimensional the world of BDSM can be.

Who will be presenting:

D-Type Neurodivergence and Power Exchange Panel

Panel Description

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a neurodivergent dominant, we have got just the thing! Come join us for an informative panel. We will have panelists on the left side of the slash talk about their lived experiences. Some partners may be available to provide insight into navigating a dynamic when one or both partners are neurodivergent..

Who will be presenting:

How KINK helped me as a survior: Black Women, Boundaries, and the Lifestyle

Class Description

In this class, Mistress Sheba shares her personal story on how kink and the concept of boundaries can be used as help through trauma work and why community is essential to the well being of survivors.