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MonsignorX & Verseria

(MonsignorX: He/him | Verseria: Any/All)

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Monsignorx considers himself a Heathen philosopher. He follows a Norse path influenced by classical philosophy (especially the Greco-Roman moralists), pragmatism, and scholarship. He has been involved in BDSM for over 20 years in both dominant and submissive roles, including work with rage play and many other things.

After 30 years in BDSM, Verseria specializes in exploring high ritual kink, power dynamic psychology, restorative exploration, and structured transformative play. An averred Sillistress, she encourages others to enjoy deliberately unserious kink whenever possible. In the last decade she established a plural construct in the lower Hudson Valley which she shares with four partners and a menagerie of curious creatures.


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Who will be presenting:

Abuse in M/s and D/s Relationships and Context

Discussion Description

First done at RambleGrue, this will be a guided discussion and safe space for talking about the issues of abuse that are specific to M/s and D/s relationships with specific sensitivity to victims and their stories. NO ONE is required to tell their stories.


Please take some thought for self care as some discussions are likely to be triggering.


Resources will be made available for those seeking further support afterwards.