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The House of Kush is an international leather association. With the collective effort of its House members and in-service members, it is committed to cannabis education, safe consumption, explicit prior permission, consensual application, and current practices. HOK acknowledges the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis: promoting safe, enthusiastic consensual consumption, overall.

The House of Kush does NOT support scening under the influence of cannabis while under bondage nor with implements nor under any form of enthusiastic consent/CNC duress play. We do support sensual smoke play AFTER enthusiastic consent is given in a coherent, sober state and BEFORE the usage of any THC infused cannabinoids.

Our mission, beyond cannakink and kink education and safety practices , is to advocate for those incarcerated and suffering the consequences of a legal system woefully behind its recreational laws.


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Who will be presenting:

Cannabis, Kink and Mental Health

Class Description

This class is an interactive learning approach to exploring the relation between cannabis, kink and the ways we can protect our mental wellness.