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Adam Greenberg


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Adam is a community organizer, mediator, consent educator, and ongoing learner. Their passions lie at the intersections of disability justice, trauma-informed care, consent, embodied somatics, and responses to and prevention of harm – including transformative justice and community accountability. They desire to help people play and communicate in safer, skillful ways that are trauma-, power-, and risk-informed. Adam is an educator with several groups including The Consent Academy advocating for consent from the individual level to the systemic. They also do consent and accountability work in many contexts and community spaces, including progressive organizing groups, and are building out some exciting new projects around this in progressive organizing spaces as well as the kink+ world.


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Who will be presenting:

Consent Incidents and Accountability -- Neurodiversity edition

Class Description

How does neurodivergence affect consent mistakes, incidents, and violations? How does it affect boundaries, grappling with hurt and harm (and discerning between the two), and accountability at the personal, interpersonal, and community levels?


In this participatory workshop, we will dive into these questions with case studies and real-life examples. We’ll look through a trauma- and disability justice-informed lens, and talk about common patterns, subjective interpretations, ascriptions, and communication--based on neurotypes, socialization, and lived experience. There will be opportunities for community members to share their experiences.