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Cadre is a kinky individual who is privileged to work in the community development space. Cadre originally hails from the East Coast but has made Colorado his home for the last few years, where he has been able to enjoy some of the beautiful Colorado weather and work alongside many of Colorado’s communities.

In his professional work, Cadre helps communities and local governments understand ways to reach out and better understand some of its most disenfranchised community members. On the flip side, Cadre also works to help empower local community groups to advocate for themselves, their friends, and their family members, who may not have found their way to express themselves.

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Welcome to THRIVE! Join us as we open the weekend! You'll get lots of great information like website instructions, where to go if you need things, who's who, rules, and more! Plus, what conference would be complete without a phenomenal guest speaker and keynote address?!