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CinnFull Delight (she/her) identifies as a problem to some but most of the time she is known for being a sassy middle, princess, Brat/SAM, pet, leathergirl, doll, and slave to only her Sir. Hailing from the beautiful Washington state you will often find her caffeinated and taking classes to further education in the lifestyle or finding ways of being of service to her leather group, our local community group she helps run with her Sir. She has helped volunteered at various conferences such as Leather Reign, THRIVE, MsC Worldwide, Service Oriented Conference and more.


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Who will be presenting:

Neurodivergence and Power Exchange s-Type Panel

Class Description

Join us as we ask our s-type panelists about their experiences in dynamics with neurodivergence! 

Who will be presenting:

Swing Swing Swing From the Tangles of My Mania

Class Description

In this class we will be discussing navigating our dynamic with a submissive with Bipolar Type II. We will discuss what our dynamic has been like since before the diagnosis, after, the highs and lows. We will share our strategies on what has worked well for us and want you to share yours with us and with those who also attend.