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As a 1st generation Mexican-American with social advocacy running through her veins, Retro Bella has become a force to be reckoned with.  Within her bloodline, she's had: family members who have marched with and have been arrested with Cesar Chavez, who have worked closely with Delores Huerta and have held multiple positions within the United Farm Workers Union. If she has learned anything within this life, it is that she most definitely was not put on this earth to hide in the shadows. 


But who is Retro Bella?  Simply put: She is the cactus flower that grew out of the concrete.


But who is she in the kink world? Retro Bella is a Latina high Femme Leather Woman based out of the Southern San Joaquin Valley in California.  She is a Dominant energy player with a passion for M/s, heavy impact, high protocol, and mind fuckery. 


Retro Bella’s kink history began with a curious search online after watching Nine Inch Nails music videos on MTV.  Those 1st few glimpses into early online kink life were both shocking and titillating, but those images were never forgotten and peppered her innermost sexual desires.  Fast forward to 2009 and she finally gets brave and attends a kink event. To say that she’s hooked is an understatement.  Suddenly a lot of things in her life start to make sense and that is such an empowering feeling.


The following year she became an active member of the Bakersfield BDSM community and in 2017, Retro Bella became not only the President of the valley’s 1st girls of Leather chapter, San Joaquin girls of Leather, but she also created the extremely successful workshop series, “Women Educators in the Valley.” In 2020, she had the honor of serving as the Assistant Director of the M.A.s.T Bakersfield, and Co-head of the Leather house: House Of Dark Shadows.


Together with her boy drake, they've taught for multiple groups on the West Coast, Rocky Mountain region, Internationally, and have had the pleasure of sitting on numerous BIPOC speaking panels.


What’s Retro Bella’s future plans?  “At the end of the day, I just wanna be not only myself, but live an authentic and honest life so that my being becomes a lighthouse for other Latinx people...oh and tacos.”

Who will be presenting:

Mastery of the Neurodivergent Master

Class Description

Neurotypical expectations and social norms are rampant in basic power exchange education.  It is often one of the many reasons why folks with neurodivergent minds doubt the path they find themselves on.  This is particularly challenging when one is shifting from a kink life where playspaces dictate rules to a 24/7 power exchange dynamic and YOU are the one making the rules.  Where does one start? How does one communicate to a potential slave how your mind works?  In this hour we will discuss:
My challenges as a Master with ADHD
How to communicate our challenges to those we are in charge of
How to serve and support your ND Master
Join me as we explore alternative options for contracts, expectations, rules and pathways towards finding a unique dynamic structure that will set up both the Master and slave for success.

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