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Marquis Pup Rekkr (he/they) is a founder, media coordinator, and host of The Kinky Tavern Podcast since its creation in August 2021. Rekkr identifies as a masc-presenting, pansexual, demiguy, and relationship anarchist. Additionally, they identify as a queer switch, having discovered their inclination towards service-oriented roles within the kink community after initially entering as a dominant. In 2015, Rekkr formed a profound connection with their partner, Em, also known as Mx Dizzy, which led to the establishment of a relationship in 2016. As a caretaker for Em, who faces disabilities, Rekkr fulfills the roles of both Daddy and service pup. Their personal experiences navigating the world as someone with neurodivergence and persistent depression have granted them a deep understanding of mental health. Rekkr's passion lies in the realms of leather, BDSM, kink, and sexuality. They strive to educate, normalize, and foster a safe and accessible environment within the community. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, Rekkr aims to contribute to the overall well-being and inclusivity of the community as a whole.


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Who will be presenting:

Caring for Your Disabled Partner

Class Description

In this class, Rekkr will discuss the knowledge they’ve attained through their experience being the caretaker and partner of a disabled human navigating the BDSM and kink world together. The world and therefore, the BDSM/kink community contains an ever-growing number of disabled people. It is often surprising to those first experiencing it how inaccessible the world can be and how challenging it can be for someone with disabilities to navigate. It’s taken trial, error, and lots of learning to get to where they are today, but Rekkr has always had the heart for making sure their loved ones have their needs met. During this session, you will hear about some of the things Rekkr has learned through his journey in caring for their disabled partner.