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Orfeo TecĂșn Richter


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I am Orfeo Tecún Richter (he/him/they) and I work as an educator on social justice issues and sensitivity. I have been researching and teaching consent and BDSM for nine years. I co-hosts a German podcast about Polyamorie, BDSM and parenthood. I am part of consent teams and teach how to build consent awareness structures in clubs, political parties and at festivals.

I am a strong believer that asking the question "what is the kindest, most loving way?" answers a lot of questions. As an educator, I want to create an atmosphere where learning is a gratifying experience, and mistakes are part of our journey. I encourage all who want to be part of my workshops to be curious and to look at all participants and themselves with kindness, patience and curiosity.


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Who will be presenting:

BDSM and PTSD: (re)claiming our bodies and minds

Class Description

CN: sexualised violence

Survivors of sexualised violence are often silenced, paternalised and talked about rather than with in conversations about how we like to experience kink. This class is a space where I talk from the perspective of someone who has claimed his experiences and sexual agency as his own, while often being vilified or psychopathologized for this.

I would welcome everyone, regardless of their own experience to this workshop. It might contain topics that are triggering.