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Mistress Cas is an intersectional scientist-practitioner, educator, love/pleasure guide and mental health clinician who lives with her partners and fur babies in San Antonio, Texas. She started her career as a public health scientist and is now a mental health professional/advocate and sex therapist dedicated to helping people understand themselves and others. She is also a fat, disabled, crazy, Queer Leatherwoman who has been active in kink and polyamory her whole life. She is passionate about providing multicultural, sex-positive trainings/workshops on mental health, relationship health, consent, and sexual wellness. She also provides mental health counseling/sex therapy via her maiden name at Respark Therapy.


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Who will be presenting:

Neurodivergence and Power Exchange D-Type Panel

Panel Description

Join us as we ask our D-type panelists about their experience in dynamics with neurodivergence.

Who will be presenting:

Playing with Power and Freedom: mixing power exchange and non-monogamy via the lens of Choice Theory

Class Description

Many kinksters play/live with some sort of power dynamic and then run up against challenges when trying to incorporate consensual non-monogamy(like polyamory) into their lives as well. In this class we will highlight the important aspects of both living within a power dynamic and non-monogamy practices, through the lens of the psychological theory, Choice Theory. We will cover: The different types of power in power exchange dynamics, How power affects different non-monogamy structures and vice versa, How to balance the sometimes conflicting needs for power and freedom,  How to explore your ideal balance between power, freedom, and other needs.

Who will be presenting:

Self-Collaring as Healing Journey

Class Description

Sometimes when we hurt/are harmed the answer is a journey towards the self. This class will discuss the topic of self-collaring for the goal of healing yourself from mental struggles or trauma. We will explore both the basics and advanced concerns like integrating mental health care, medical care, and relationships.