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Integrating spirituality, self-awareness, 12-step recovery, and moon manifestation into BDSM and kink is my passion.  In 2012, I began an 8-year education in BDSM and kink. My foundation was rooted in personal responsibility, spirituality, relationship building, and respect for the process.

I chose not to enter the scene until 2019 because I wanted to address some of my traumas, limiting beliefs, and comorbidities (addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD) before engaging in play.  In 2020, I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 43. My diagnosis came with a sigh of relief, intense heartbreak, and fear.  LOTS of fear. I have experienced healing from childhood trauma and deep spiritual connections from engaging in BDSM.  Additionally, I uncovered that there is more healing to be had because of play.


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Her purpose is rooted in education, self-awareness, and building a community of educators who want to share their love of all things kinky! Knowledge is no good if we keep it all to ourselves. I have created and facilitated quite a few workshops in my vanilla life and 12-step recovery. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge of self-awareness, communication, and relationship-building with my kink community.


I enjoy laughing uncontrollably as I administer CBT. I am an avid spanker, spankee, energy healer, career and life coach, a budding rope Top, a passionate Pegger, and a Sadist in training. And as always, I look forward to learning more about myself along the way.

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Neurodivergence and Power Exchange D-Type Panel

Panel Description

Join us as we ask our D-type panelists about their experience in dynamics with neurodivergence.