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Penny (she/her) is a seasoned participant in the BDSM lifestyle, proudly identifying as a queer femme Leathergirl with an 11-year tenure in the community. Currently holding the esteemed position of Pledge Master/Sergeant at Arms on the board of the Knight Hawks of Virginia Leather/Levi Club, she has been a driving force in the Hampton Roads, Virginia BDSM community since 2014. In her role as the Leader of Edge House, Penny oversees educational events, play parties, and monthly munches.

Her commitment to education extends to local groups, where she serves as a teacher, co-instructor, and demo-bottom, showcasing her expertise. Over the past 4 years, Penny has expanded her influence as a BDSM lifestyle content creator and Kink Educator across social media platforms.


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Adapting to the challenges of in-person limitations, Penny pivoted to virtual platforms, organizing weekly Zoom classes and discussions with global presenters. Additionally, she hosted almost nightly online Q&A sessions, contributing significantly to knowledge dissemination in the BDSM community.


Beyond education, Penny actively engages in community service, volunteering for conventions and assuming roles at local events. Her multifaceted contributions reflect a passion for fostering a knowledgeable, inclusive, and vibrant BDSM community.

Who will be presenting:

Neurodivergence and Power Exchange s-Type Panel

Class Description

Join us as we ask our s-type panelists about their experiences in dynamics with neurodivergence!