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Meeka (she/her) is a hetero-flexible, poly-amorous, Switch, Leatherwoman, sado-masochistic, little who enjoys the ability to Top when able. She enjoys sensual, sensory and tactile play, impact, humiliation and degradation and lots of other mischief! She uses her 20+ years of clinical and medical Social Work experience in mental health, grief and end of life planning knowledge and experience to educate the community. Meeka's journey includes volunteering and or presenting at events like CTX Darkside, SELF, Women in Leather Atlanta, LSC Uprise!, BeThe DiFference Munch and the Service Oriented Conference to name a few. Meeka is a fervent advocate and educator for mental health, consent, and safe play practices, as well as promoting cultural diversity and supporting marginalized individuals, including those with hidden and visible disabilities. As a dedicated member of WiLA, Black FemDoms-Atlanta, and Woman of Drummer, Meeka is committed to continued growth and service in the community.


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"There is an opportunity to learn in every situation. Even the small things can bring about big growth and change." - Meeka Amarillo-Roja

Who will be presenting:

Can you be OBEDIENT? "I think I can, I think I can, I think... SQUIRREL!"

Class Description

Explore the unique challenges faced by individuals with ADHD in the realm of submission and obedience. This class aims to foster understanding, open communication, and the development of practical strategies to enhance the BDSM experience for everyone involved. Whether you identify as a submissive or slave with ADHD, a master or dominant navigating these dynamics, or a supporter seeking to understand, this class offers valuable insights and guidance. You will gain a deeper understanding of the intersection between ADHD and BDSM dynamics, equipped with practical tools to navigate obedience, enhance communication, and foster healthier, more fulfilling relationships within the community.

Who will be presenting:

Neurodivergence and Power Exchange s-Type Panel

Class Description

Join us as we ask our s-type panelists about their experiences in dynamics with neurodivergence!