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Rooster Chantico & Tora Vorare


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Rooster Chantico and their slave, Tora Vorare, have engaged in a 24/7 Master/slave dynamic for three years. They are both neurodivergent queers that have found a home in the kink and Leather community. They share passions for accessibility, education, and human rights.

Rooster Chantico (they/them) is a lesbian, non-binary, latine person committed to creating safe spaces and platforms for marginalized voices in the community.

Tora Vorare (they/them*) is a lesbian, genderfluid slave whose true passion belongs to their Leather heart and the strength they find in their surrender.

*Tora’s pronouns are subject to change at Rooster’s discretion.


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Who will be presenting:

Taking Anxiety out of Anticipatory Service

Class Description

For many neurodivergent folks, anticipatory service is a tantalizing aspect of authority transfer that remains frustratingly inaccessible. However, ND individuals on both sides of the slash can not only partake in anticipatory service, but use it as an accessibility tool and a form of self and interdependent care within the dynamic. In this class, Rooster and their slave, Tora, will cover how to incorporate this type of service into ND Dynamics to better overcome barriers, affirm our roles, and achieve alignment.