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valuableboy is a neurodivergent disabled trans boy from Southeast Michigan. He has a passion for service and learning how to navigate physical and mental challenges in the pursuit of improving himself. This is his first time teaching and he is eager to share his almost 20 years (on and off for health reasons) of being a student in the scene!


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Service With Mental Illness and Neurodivergence

Class Description

Service is an incredibly beautiful part of the BDSM scene, but being a service person with mental illness and neurodivergence creates unique challenges for us to work both around and with. Having different levels of ability and energy than a non-mentally-ill, non-neurodivergent service person can also lead those of us with those challenges to feel lesser, or maybe that we can't even BE a good service person.

As someone who deals with ADHD, clinical depression, anxiety, and trauma, I want to help show the ways I've learned to work around my challenges and help instill confidence for those who want to serve but feel at a loss. This will include small ideas for service that many people will be able to try, and also different ways to rethink ones thinking around mental health challenges.