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Cherianne is a queer sour patch brat, super switchy, sadistic and one of the most creative and emotional people you will ever meet.They are also a parent who practices ENM happily with their two partners. They have been as active as they can in their local Florida community for 6 years and have racked up a lot of insight, information, and multiple connections with others. When they are not running around with a toddler, you'll find them spending time with close family and friends, crafting a new art or hyper fixating on the next topic ready to info dump.


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Having a Power Exchange With Someone Who is a D.I.D. System

Class Description

Cherianne and Cyaocide have been in a 24/7 TPE for five years. Two years into the dynamic, they learned that Cyaocide is also a system. Cyaocide's system consists of five consistent alters and two out five practice BDSM and Kink. Cherianne, who is not a system but well versed in engaging with other systems, has found a few methods that make it easy to navigate the trials and tribulations that come alongside with D.I.D. You will learn tips and tricks on how to continue power exchange with multiple alters, stories of learned experiences with play, and how to function as a system that sometimes has opposing views on Kink/BDSM.