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echo (she/her) is a pansexual, poly Leatherwoman, a slave, switch, event producer and a fucker of minds. She founded the Colorado Kinky Book Club and co-founded Denver Ms. Kinky Scouts. echo is passionate about restorative practices, communication and conflict resolution skills.

Beast and echo are honored to represent the Southwest region as 2021 Southwest Master/slave and Colorado Master/slave 2019 - 21. Together with their partner Liv, they are raising 3 kids. By necessity, they have developed strong communication skills and a unique approach to structuring relationships, resolving conflict, and setting goals and expectations. They enjoy sharing what they have learned with others.

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Me, Myself and Self-Betrayal: Challenging Our Mindsets

Class Description

Beast and echo will dive into the importance of mindset and how we often fall into self-sabotage, justification, and gathering allies when in conflict, and how understanding our thought process, defense mechanisms and survival techniques we have picked up along the way are stopping us from living our truest and happiest lives. Using some tools from The Arbinger Institute along with others they have gathered along the way. Beast and echo will share their past experiences and how these techniques have changed not only their dynamic but their lives, and offer you a new perspective and some valuable tools.


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