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Tora Vorare


Profile Details

Tora Vorare (they/them) is a nonbinary, queer, neurodivergent slave whose passion for community education, access, and outreach knows no bounds. Active in the kink community since 2017, Tora also identifies as leather and has been immersed in understanding their connection and relationship to Leather since 2019. A moderator for Pragmatically Kinking, Tora’s favorite topics to discuss include trans rights, the intersections of power dynamics with accessibility and mental health, as well as subjects relating to social and restorative justice. Although just starting their community service journey, Tora is eager to become more involved, to learn and grow in all facets of their identity, and to share their discoveries and knowledge with others.

Who will be presenting:

Medication Mitigation: Pharmaceutical intersection with BDSM

Class Description

Medication use, both prescriptively and recreationally, affects the physiology of our minds and bodies in a way that cannot be considered negligible in the practice of kink. In this class, Tora Vorare will provide a guide on how to negotiate medication use and medical conditions in ways that preserve the dignity and privacy of our play partners. Additionally, they will provide an overview of medication classes to be aware of and how to adjust risk profiles accordingly. Lastly, they will hone in on the importance of mental health medication considerations. From signs of lithium overdose to side effects of antidepressants, this class will provide applicable  pharmaceutical information from an experienced professional that can be contextualized in the BDSM setting.