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Ev (they/them) is a white, Jewish, trans and non-binary person who works in anti-oppression education. Ev is deeply grateful that their kink-community journey has been almost exclusively in queer and trans spaces, starting in New York and New England more than eight years ago. Kink helped teach Ev not only how to trust another person, but how to trust themself. they believe in the possibility for kink to teach, transform, heal, and give us a damn good time. Ev lives in Denver with their two scruffy dogs.


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Trauma and Kink

Class Description

Kink itself is not inherently based on trauma, but there are many ways in which kink can be used as a conduit for healing. Varieties of kinky technologies and mindsets can be fun in and of themselves, but combined with awareness we can make scenes more trauma-informed and help our healing processes along the way. Together, let us think about the ways that trauma survivors are drawn to kink, and in turn how trauma and kink interact with each other.

  • Think about the ways that trauma survivors are drawn to kink
  • Explore how kink can be a conduit to heal from trauma
  • How can we make our spaces more trauma aware so that healing can happen