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Sir Phoenix Black is a cis-gendered, poly, heterosexual, leatherman, kink performer and BDSM educator. He identifies as a Dominant, Daddy and heavy Sadist. As a fetish performer his specialties include fire play, all forms of impact play (especially singletails), fire impact and knife play. Based out of Atlanta, he has presented at national conferences such as Sex Down South, Beyond Leather, Flame Conference and local events such as The Atlanta Eagle, 1763, MAsT Kissimmee and BANK DFW. He is a mentor with the Atlanta Mentors project, an alumni of the Masters Dominant Counsortium, a Dungeon Monitor. His philosophy of "Love what you do, Do what you Love" is what motivates how he moves in the world of Leather

Who will be presenting:

Therapeutic Scenes Ain't Therapy

Class Description

In this dual moderated class Lady D & Sir Phoenix Black will discuss the how a Theraputic scene may provide temporary catharsis for, or may reveal to deep physical or psychological trauma. Sir Phoenix will discuss how the biochemistry and neurology behind an intense scene and how it can unearth memories and trauma. Lady D will discuss how these epiphanies and memories can, and should be used as a springboard to true mental healing. BDSM is NOT therapy but it can be a springboard on the road to healing. Be prepared to fully geek out on hard science and embrace mental healing.

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