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Celina, the 2023 Show Me Leather Little, has been an integral part of the community since 2017. Proudly identifying as a little, piggy, cow and service submissive, she embarks on her title year with a purpose. With a fervent desire to destigmatize ageplay, she aims to educate and bridge the diverse ageplay communities across Missouri. Radiating warmth and openness, she welcomes newcomers, while tirelessly advocating for inclusive spaces for growth and learning. Celina's vibrant presence fosters unity and acceptance, ensuring littles' voices resonate at every event.

Celina's life philosophy revolves around embracing each day with boundless joy, unwavering curiosity, and an unwavering desire to make a positive impact. Her diverse professional background allows her to offer a wide range of classes, conversations and presentations, ensuring that she caters to a variety of interests and needs.


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Little Wonders

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Come together to unveil the intricate world of ageplay and age regression. What's the different types of ageplay? What are the stigmas behind it? We will delve into the diverse dimensions of these psychological concepts while skillfully treading the fine line between childlike innocence and mature sensibilities. Within this class we will tackle the differences between age regression, age play, spicy ageplay and dark ageplay. Warning: topics of sexual ageplay and trauma induced ageplay will probably be discussed. Celina is a trauma informed educator and will provide crisis intervention resources.