Welcome to THRIVE - a virtual 3 day event focused on the intersection of neurodivergence, mental health, and BDSM. In this space we will discuss a variety of sensitive topics. We ask that you follow these conference rules throughout the weekend in all official event spaces. Participants may be removed and/or banned from THRIVE or Pragmatically Kinking if they are found in violation of these policies.

Attendance: Only registered attendees may join the event. Please do not share Zoom links with others. Attendees must be over the age of 18 to participate.

Recording: video/audio/screen capture is not permitted in any space by any participant, speaker or staff, however we cannot guarantee that no recording will happen. Please practice personal responsibility in interactions as we cannot prevent anyone from recording. You may use the chat box to share links to relevant material. The chat can be saved, please keep that in mind when sharing in the chat.

Respect: We celebrate diversity and create affirming space. Please keep things said in chat and over the mic respectful. This is a learning and sharing environment. You may send a private message in an attempt to connect. If your message is illicit you will be removed. If the recipient asks you not to engage further and you do, you will be removed. Please remember to be kind and accepting. Discrimination will NOT be tolerated.

No bits on screen

Sharing: We appreciate everyone has something to contribute during classes, but please be considerate of how much time you take to share and stay on topic; this ensures everyone can enjoy and learn from the speakers.

Cameras and mics: Please do not unmute unless you are asked to. Microphones will be muted by moderators to reduce background noise. Some presenters may request cameras on or off for intimacy or bandwidth.

Head to the THRIVE homepage to locate our resource list. Devyn's property, Guan-Xuan, took the time to curate a tremendous list of skills for decompressing and a slew of places to reach out to for immediate and ongoing mental health support!

Respect the presenter and room monitor’s instructions and/or directions. If you have any concerns during the conference contact the room monitor who will introduce themselves at the beginning of the class.

If you find our speakers do not align with our mission please inform a staff member.

THRIVE is not therapy and anyone speaking at THRIVE is not acting as your therapist.