Pronouns: She/her
56 Years Old
United States, Oregon,

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Attitude is everything, pick a positive one. I try to everyday.

Five words that describe me well are bawdy, bodacious, beautiful, ornery and challenging. And perhaps a bit clueless.
I following PRICK, rather than SSC or RACK.

Anime of me by a friend https://fetlife.com/users/13791/pictures/21150969

"I will do what Queens do. I will rule." Daenerys Targaryen

I am a dominant personality, top leaning, submissive woman, which I guess makes me a switch. I look at it more as I am a warrior queen, looking for her renaissance king. There are very few I see as worthy of my submission, that makes me difficult and incredibly picky. I am also a survivor of all kinds of abuse, which makes my walls very high to climb and hard to break. I am very open and loving with those I choose. I am a hard nut with a gooey marshmallow center. I am an exhibitionist, bookworm, a keeper of knowledge, have a great sense of humor and a good friend to have. I love this community and the friends I have made in it. I love to read, learn new things, spend time with friends, travel, explore Portland and anywhere I go. I am a jack of all trades, master of none. I have spent my life learning about people, so perhaps I am an expert at that. I have lived in France, Germany and Singapore. I hope to travel more, perhaps working overseas for a few years. I am a seeker of knowledge and understanding, truth if you will. I believe in choices and consent for all. That means, I don’t judge on you on kinks, unless it involves those that cannot consent (children, animals, mentally challenged and intoxicated individuals). I am spiritual, but not religious, if you must classify me, agnostic would be the best description. I am political, but independent, again if you must classify me, libertarian would be the best description. I believe a positive attitude will get you where you want to be in life. My goals in life are connection, love, joy, learning and travel. My hobbies are reading, sewing, cooking, building things, writing poetry and sketching.

I am just beginning my spiritual journey. I had a life changing event occur recently and I found that I need more spirituality in my life. I am open to possibilities. I have seen the inexplicable and the awe inspiring beauty of nature. I do know that we are all connected, like a web of light that touches each of us. There are experiences and perhaps shadows, that try to smother the light that each of us has shining within us, but I believe love/connection is the answer. So share the love. Smile at a stranger, hug a friend, tell your loved ones what they mean to you every day. I mean sharing love with every person I meet, we are all beautiful and deserving of love.

What I am looking for, nothing at the moment, though new friends are welcome.

I do not do pickup BDSM play, unless I know and trust you. I am not looking for hookups or random sex with strangers. I am sex positive, but have found that I need a connection/friendship with the person I share myself with.

*hurting my friends
*stupidity, willful ignorance
*permanent damage of any kind
*anal to oral of any kind
*anal to vaginal


*intellectual discourse
*witty banter

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