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Lord Allen/ pup Juniper (they/them) is a budding BDSM educator. Allen believes that Leather, kink, BDSM, and education in general should be more accessible and a safe space for all who wish to participate. “Leather started as activism and that is the heart of Leather.”

Through their classes and through other educational channels they aspire to influence the accessibility of the community and the education provided within it, educating community leaders and participants on the intricacies of neurodivergence, kink, BDSM, Leather, and sex in a more accessible way. “We all must be accountable and try to make this community a better place”

Lord Allen is transgender, two-spirit, nonbinary, asexual, autistic, and polyamorous. Allen enjoys their own play as a hellhound, service submissive, bootblack, and sadist, using plain language to communicate in-scene instead of safewords. They are a proud citizen of the Choctaw Nation and member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaws. They grew up in the Chickasaw Nation and currently are residing in the Ute/Cheyenne/Lakota Nation. They work to educate people on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls movement while also educating about trans-two-spirit issues within their communities. Yokoke!

Chahta Sia Hoke!


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Who will be presenting:

Consent Based Bootblacking: The Trauma Informed Bootblack

Class Description

Dive into the art of bootblacking with our Trauma-Informed Consent-Based Class. Learn essential techniques in a safe, consensual, and respectful environment. This class emphasizes enthusiastic consent, trauma-informed care, and self-care practices. Explore leather care foundations, set and respect boundaries, and foster a supportive community. No prior experience needed; just bring a willingness to learn and a commitment to creating a positive, inclusive space. Join us for an empowering journey into bootblacking that prioritizes well-being and community building.